About us

We at stitch2stitch have been providing Digitizing and Vector Art services across the globe for more than a decade ago.
We provide you digitizing services for all embroidery grounds including Chest logos, Cap logo, Sleeve logo, 3D Puff logos, Patch logos, Full Back logos. Towel logo, etc in all possible digitizing formats.

Providing our customers exceptional quality is not only a requirement of our business but it is, in fact, a promise that we made to ourselves when we stepped in the world of embroidery and printing business and proudly enough we’ve been keeping this promise since our inception.

At stitch2stitch, we believe in ‘TO EACH HIS OWN’ so we value and respect your ideas and requirements. We welcome you to let us know what is in your mind regarding your embroidery and printing designs because we give priority to your commands over our convenience.


Why one should select stitch2stitch for his digitizing or Vector needs? So the answer is that we strictly condemn the use of auto designing in Digitizing and Vector services, because we completely realize the worth of your money, you deserve to get the best from us when you’re paying for it . Each and every letter of your design is digitized manually to maintain our quality. That is the reason why stitch2stitch stands among most eminent companies in the world providing digitizing and Vector Art services.


This includes our markets around the world where we continue to expand our international presence. strengthen our international partnerships and customers. Our International Presence in following countries USA, Germany, Australia, Puerto Rico, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland & Netherlands.