Gotta love handmade!

I’ve always loved handmade items because it’s personal and more often than not, they are made with love. For Arianna’s birthday, I decided to let her choose from a choice of items that was on sale from a fellow CM member, The Handmaden. She picked a gorgeous hand dyed spiral skirt. :)

Spiral Skirt by The Handmaden
Loves it to bits coz…

Spiral Skirt by The Handmaden
…of the fantastic twirl factor!! ^.^

Spiral Skirt by The Handmaden
Thank you so much, Kel…for also giving Arianna a lovely handmade butterfly that really made her day. She wore it the whole day today!! :)

So, if you’re after some really OOAK (one of a kind) gorgeous hand dyed garments, you know where to go. :)

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