Sewing with RB Knits

If you’ve known me long enough, you would know that I love, absolutely love sewing with knits. My fabric stash is seriously made up of at least 85% knit fabric and the others a mix of woven and what nots. When I first started sewing some 5 years ago, I was terrified of knits but the main reason I started sewing was because I wanted to sew tshirts and dresses that I didn’t need to iron. Hence, I plucked up the courage and took a dive into the deep. And ever since, I have never looked back. A lot of experience handmaidens that I know of have never sewn with knits because they are afraid. I’m not sure what they are afraid of! lol I personally think that knits are awesome to sew with because they are ever so forgiving! You can easily hide mistakes because they stretch unlike woven. But the most important bit is….you don’t need to iron them!! πŸ˜€ That itself sealed the deal for me.

And because I sew with a lot of knits, I can be somewhat fussy when it comes to the quality and type. I’ve never tried Riley Blake knits before so I was very happy to be given the chance to try out this knit and review it. All thanks to MinkyBear and Me Fabrics. πŸ˜‰ Seeing that I absolutely love dots AND red – what other better choice would it be than to try out these gorgeous red, small dots!

rn red small dots
Image taken from Riley Blake Designs

These dots are cotton jersey knits and is so soft! Despite the softness to it, it does have a 75% four way stretch which makes it perfect for tshirts, leggings and in my case, a dress I made using Farbenmix pattern, Sabrina. So any pattern that requires knit, this print will do quite nicely. It is 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex and WIDE, 147cm so you don’t really need much if you have young children and these make excellent accents too. Did you know that dots work very well with stripes?

RB Knit Dots review

At MinkyBear and Me, these are priced at $10.95 per half meter and for this price, it is definitely affordable where quality is concerned especially if you have 4 growing kids and want them to be the best dressed in town! πŸ˜‰

RB Knit Dots review

I would consider this knit lightweight and I think it drapes quite nicely as well. And while is it lightweight, it is not see-through or thin. I would definitely be getting more of these in the future and am looking forward to when MinkyBear starts stocking stripes! I *love* dots and stripes. And because I love these dots so much, I’m already planning on making some leggings for my 18 month old. So watch this space! :)

In the meantime, while not check out MinkyBear and Me Fabrics and join them on FB here. :)

HHmm….fairies you say?

Here, have a look….what can you see? Can you tell what I love most?

Hehe…yes, I absolutely, totally, simply LOVE fairies!!! This is my current fabric collection of fairies. :) I love it so much that I literally just take them out, gaze at them, lovingly stroke them…then store them away for another day. Hahaha! Yes, I just don’t have the heart to chop them up and turn them into something. I just LOVE to buy fairy prints!

Did you know there FAERIES and FAIRIES are totally different?? I never knew until I read it :

1.β€œFairy” is a word that has been derived from Latin word β€œfatum,” which can mean β€œfate.” β€œFaerie” is a word that has been derived from Gaelic β€œfear shidhe,” which means β€œβ€™man of the shee.”
2.Fairies are considered to be a group of young and pure spirits. These fairies are considered to elevate to higher levels through their impartial and loving service.
3.When compared to faeries, fairies are friendly and nice. When comparing the two spirits, fairies are very playful and kind. The fairies are also cute in comparison to faeries.
4.Unlike the faeries, fairies can be a bit mischievous but are not dangerous.
5.Unlike the fairies, faeries are considered to be evil, horrid, and mischievous creatures. These mythical figures are portrayed as spirits that know easy ways of stealing.
6.The fairies are also good-looking and more handsome then the faeries.

Read more: Difference Between Fairy and Faerie | Difference Between | Fairy vs Faerie

And to tell you how much I love fairies, I’ve already got planned a fairy tattoo somewhere in the near future. πŸ˜‰

Just slightly busy….

I have to admit that I wished I had more time and energy these days but those are the 2 things that I lack most now that I’m back at work. I miss dyeing a lot but thanks to a good friend who has kicked me back into action, I’ve tied these 2 beauties for her.

Obviously, these were custom made for her. I enjoyed every moment of it and I look forward to dyeing more but first, I need to go on a shopping spree and top up my dye. πŸ˜‰

Party time!

I love parties! But if you ask me to host one, I’d most likely freak out. lol I’ve very occasionally host parties because I don’t feel as if I’m good at hosting parties. I don’t mind having family and friends over but if its going to be a huge affair, I normally shy away.

But Teena – she is the best host ever! If you cant figure out how to get it all going, Teena is the one to call. She can organize a party with her eyes closed and it’s VERY common for her to hone in on deals for sound systems. Deals such as “Mail your order today!” stick like magnet to her. And this is why her job as an events manager suits her to a T. πŸ˜‰ Reckon Cheeks will be having a helluva 7th birthday this year thanks to Aunty Teena. πŸ˜‰

Stop, beanie time!

Whooooo….its been cold these days! And I’ve been wanting to make something to keep my head warm as I walk to the station everyday on the way to work. While I absolutely LOVE the slouch my MIL knitted me, I wanted to make something for me – for a change and decided on a pattern I got offline.

Not wanting to spend buy anymore yarn, decided to use some from my stash and while I don’t think it was the right ply, it worked out really nice….except it doesn’t fit me! lol

I really love the color of this yarn – I think it’s called Woolbale.

But what I’m more proud is how the crown turned out! I’ve not done really neats one for as long as I can remember but this, I totally love! :) **pats me on the back**

I might give this pattern my MIL gave me one of these day but in the meantime, this beanie is already getting a nice head to warm. :)

Keeping warm this winter!

Ever noticed how mad Sydney weather can be?? It’s winter now and some days tells ya, it’s so hot, you think spring is already here!! Other days, like today….it’s freezing!! And if you don’t keep warm, you get a snuffly nose and that is so not on!

I love to put the kids in onesies and we were very lucky as we had been given a few pairs from a friend but the kids have out grown them (what’s news??) and the thought of buying 3 pairs at approximately $24 each – is a bit hard to swallow. So I did what I do best – sewed my own! It may not be as good but at least, I can custom them to suit each child and fabric used is from the op-shop so it wasn’t at all pricey! :) Overall, SCORE!!!

Pattern is KwikSew’s footed PJS – custom sewn for the dino loving boy

And a pretty in pink one for the not-so-little Missy. :)

Mister’s new clothes

Being the only boy in the family, he has ended up on numerous occasions, wearing the girls stuff. No, I’m not proud of it but sometimes, I just don’t have the time to sew him stuff hence he ends up a bit lacking in mama made clothes. I have to admit though, with him, I have bought a lot of stuff off the shelves. Not proud of it!!

And funnily enough, kids grown and with all kids, you blink and they have skipped a size or 2 and you have LONG sleeves tops ending up below the elbow and long pants ending up just below the knee!! Who gave them permission to grow??

So pressed to step up and put in some effort to dress my only son sensibly, I made a couple of tops for him. I don’t think I will make him any pants….I’ll leave that to store bought stuff! πŸ˜›

Imke for boys – straight sleeves and straight cut body

Ottobre raglan tshirt

Ottobre Tshirt as well with a hood on

I really love how this one turned out – I actually love how I played with the trim and matching ribbing!! lol O did I tell you the lines match up??? SCORE~~!!! πŸ˜€

I still owe him a couple of things, but I think I might have to stop the winter sewing and focus on summer coz we are heading back home for a holiday….and it’s HOT there!! :)

Sewing for the Little Miss

It’s been awhile since I last updated this blog but things have been so hectic, to sit long enough to blog is a real luxury! I’ve been trying my best to stay offline and focus more on sewing and tie dyeing, anything that is crafty just so I use my time wisely rather than spend it on FB doing nothing but stalk people! lol

FB is seriously dangerous and just too addictive. One click ALWAYS leads to another and before you know it, the hour(s) just literally disappears before your very eyes. Time lost is time lost. Can’t get it back no more!

Even though Miss G has a lot of clothes, they are mainly hand-me-downs and I think it unfair not to own her own stuff so I’ve been sewing bits and pieces for her.

This is a pinny sewed in knit using Otto pattern. The fabric itself is medium weight and double sided prints. The other side is stripes.

Love how it turned out! A note to myself though – leave out the elastic waist, too tight on my little puddin’! lol πŸ˜›

What’s even sweeter is that this fabric was free! Gotta love them freebies. :)

Another set of Ottobre patterns – Acrobatic harem pants (from memory) and the tshirt is also from the same issue.

The ONLY time she can sit still long enough for me to snap a shot!! lol

These are basically my knit fabric that I’ve sewn up for Miss G. You can already know that I am no fan of wovens but sometimes, you just have to use it…so coming up next is my woven pattern after a very very long time!!

The perfect gift

One of the things I find most difficult to do is buying presents for people. For the past few birthdays, I’ve been making personalized gifts – simple stuff that I sew up that are quick but also personal.

The most difficult is looking for stuff for teenagers. But I think I may have found the perfect gift for Lynden, my godson. He’s 15 going on 16 years old and he is as fussy as any teenagers but he has been carrying on about wanting new headphones and voila, thanks to Keira who told me about, I’m so going to be his FAVOURITE aunty forever! lol

Bus pass tags for the girls

So the girls have been taking the local school bus to school since mid last term. They are nore confident now and I just thought (mainly because I can!), why not make it fun to have bus pass tags that were actually pretty??

And so I modified this version of travel tags (Thankyou!) so that the girls could loop it around their wrist when they get on the bus and put it away after.

I followed all the instruction in the tute except that instead of leaving the strap long, I simply inserted 12mm elastic through the strap before sewing it down. I used the measurement of my wrist to get the length.

Bonus is that these are scraps! πŸ˜‰