Whip it!

Uh-huh….not that kind of whip it! lol But it caught your attention, huh? :P I was actually referring to the fact that I can whip up something simple anytime I like. A good example would be the day we dropped G’s Pinky Bear at the shops and didnt realise it. It’s her comfort toy and one she needs when she goes to bed, aside from a pair pants that she sniffs. :P

Praise God it was something I had sewn hence, I was able to literally whip not one but 2 Pinky Bears (one spare of course) within an hour. It was of course a blessing that it was a simple bear shape. It’s not as pretty as the one we lost but still, it didnt take long for her to attach herself to it. See, it didnt feel the same and more importantly, it didnt smell ‘right’. lol Yes, this bubba of mine is a sniffer….she LOVES to sniff. Lord know why, but sniffing is all she does all day!!

It’s quite cute too! :P

Sniffing her Pinky Bear, the original one. :)

It’s a LEGGINGS sort of day

Autumn is here and the weather has been nuts!! But that being typical Sydney weather, I’m not all that surprised. lol You get told it’s going to storm or rain, and then it’s as sunny as! Most days, I dont take note of the weather man and just do my laundry. If it does rain, then all hail the clothes dryer – else, thankyou for the sun, Lord! If I didnt go about doing and thinking that way, we’d all be over our heads with dirty laundry!! YUCK….

Anyway, with extremely limited FB time this Lent, I hope to get more sewing done. I have to admit though that I do sneak in a peek or 2 on FB to check on if there are any sales on my destash ONLY. I am not on longer than 10mins. And so far, I think it’s pretty good.

In line with my plan to sew more, I’ve finally got stuck into sewing with spandex!! :D Yea, while I love knit, I cannot say that I love spandex. :/ I wouldnt say that it was a pain to sew but I dont think its something you’d wanna get into if you dont like knit fabric. It’s slippery and weird to cut into. Not sure if its the quality of spandex that I got (It sure wasnt $34/m!!) but it was a bit fiddly to cut and sew. But all in all, I wouldn’t toss spandex aside. I’d still give it a go or 2. :)

Me in my Apple + Fig Stalks Leggings – omg I LOVE how these fit me!!!! 2 thumbs up from Ted too. :D

The girls in their matching Boo Designs Leggings – this is what happens when you tell them to strike a pose. LOL

And not wanting to be left out, the little man also joined in!

All in all, I think I might sew me another pair perhaps in some Pacman print knits. :P Why not eh? ;)

Giving up but for a good cause

So I’ve been SUPER quiet! It’s been very hectic and its taking a bit longer than expected for us, well me more like it, to settle down and get back to routine since our move. Yes, we’ve moved in with MIL and things are slowly getting where I want it to be…but just not quite there yet. ;)

But enough of that, and more about what I hope will happen for this blog and my crafting adventures. I’ve been having a lot of ideas and plans for both my tie dyeing as well as for my sewing. For now, due to the situation I’m in, my tie dyeing will on hold for awhile but that doesn’t mean I’m stopping for good. Just for a little while until things sort themselves out – slowly but surely. In the meantime, I still have loads of goodies in the shop that truly needs a good home. :) So if you’re here catching up, maybe you’d like to pop over to Colors Alive!, my new FB page and grab yourself some goodies. :D I ship both locally and internationally so dont fret if you’re not in Australia. :)

As for my sewing, my babies are all set up….and I’m going to VERY soon open my very long awaited Silhouette Cameo that Ted got me for Valentine’s Day…. ;) Still is unpacked, and if you know how excited I was to get this in the mail, it’s a miracle I’m not still shaking from the excitement and the wait. lol Don’t ask how I did it….still hanging on to what sanity is left! :P I’m hoping that with it being Lent now, I will be able to focus more on life outside FB (yes, giving it up for Lent!) and sewing will be one of it. Also need to spend more time with the girls now that they are in school and omg, who would have thought kids that young are getting homework!! lol Amazing….anyhoo, I’m back but just wont be around ALL that much. :)

Out of tune and hating it!

Do you know how annoying it is when a musical instrument is out of tune? Especially a guitar?? Omg….take that and times 3 and you wonder why I’m not a cranky mama most of the time. :/

Ever since MIL got the kids guitars for Christmas (Thanks a bucket, Ma! *insert sarcasm*), it’s been nothing but endless, mindless strumming….more often than not anyway. It’s a shame really that Ted doesnt have the time to teach the kids especially KR coz I think she has the knack for it coz Lord know I dont! But I guess the first thing to go is get some great guitar tuning from guitar center so that at least my ears will thank me, though my sanity might not.

After all, you cant always have your cake and eat it….at least, not me anyway.

More experimenting!!

Since my new dyes arrived, I’ve been playing and trying out various methods. I’ve got a few patterns that I like and will be spending some time trying to perfect them. This only means, more stuff for the shop! :)

I recently got given some cheesecloth as a ROAK and I tried them out. Got some nice pieces done and even manage to make some summer shorts for the girls! :)

This is Ms. A’s shorts. I have yet to take a pix of KR’s shorts.

And I even tried it out on Ms. G’s onsies!! lol

Not very good but I think I know where I went wrong! ;)

So its back to the dyeing board for me….but not too soon. Still have to settle down a bit here and see what goes where and how I’m going to get back on the horse with my tie dyeing. I miss my dyes!!!! :(

Pretty bling-blings!

Once again, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s been hard to think of what to get Ted but I ended up getting him some DVDs (what’s new???) that I think he might like and for his birthday, I’m thinking along the lines of birds. lol Yes, that man is NUTS over birds especially rainbow lorrikeets.

As for me, I’m not sure – I’ve been thinking a lot lately of getting a Silhouette Cameo which is a cutting tool. You can make almost anything and everything and since it doesnt really take up much space and the posibilities are endless – I WANT IT! lol Of course this is thanks to my good friend, Aida….she’s a trouble maker I tells ya!! lol ;)

Then again this wouldn’t really be a romantic Valentine’s Day gift hence I been thinking along the lines of some bling-blings and came across Reeds Sequin bangles!!! I’m not big on bling but bangles I love….now, time to drop hints on which one has caught my eye. It’s so hard to pick one – all so pretty!! Arrgghh!!

Big move!!

I know the shop has been quiet. I have been quiet! lol Sewing has taken a bit of a step back but my buying fabric has not stopped! :P Yes, I am indeed a self-confessed fabricholic no doubt about it. In fact, I think I might change my nick to Madam Bower Bird.

I dare say that I’ve run out of space to store my fabric. I might need to destash but if you’re a fabricholic, you will know that it is close to impossible to let go! It’s a case of, put in pile to destash….second look (a big no no!) and thinks, I could make the girls something from me, puts fabric back. Gah!! It’s hard!! I really is. :(

Not sure how or where I can put my stash, but I will have to find space….I will make space!!

O and why all this? Well today, we have moved to our new place!! And so happens that today is also Ms G’s 1st birthday – lucky baby’s got herself a huge present alright – a brand new home!! Albeit it being Grandma’s house. :P Seems like a mammoth of a job to move a WHOLE house into an already compact house but we’re slowly getting there. :) Slowly but surely….

Our music man

Christmas has come and gone, and apparently young Mr. B did not get drums for Christmas!! I think he is a tad bit disappointed that the musical instrument of his choice was not waiting for him under the tree but I dare say he should be happy that he even GOT a musical instrument for Christmas!! Lord know we were mad to even think about getting ANY sort of musical instruments for the kids but here we are….ended up with 3 mini guitars for the kids!

Mind you, among the 3, I reckon KR’s has the highest potential of actually playing the guitar. There’s just something about the way she holds the guitar and actually strums it correctly on her own, seems to speak for itself. I’m hoping to tap into that interest asap!! As for Mr. B…well, let’s just say we wont be in any rush to go get the classic ezdrummer download at musicians friend for him…..poor mister!!

Family of musical people

Today, the kids found some pump tubing thingy that actually sound like the flute when you blow into it. I reckon it’s not the sound that’s tickling them to continuously blow on it throughout the day, I think it more like how ticklish it is when someone blows into your ear that makes them do it all day! I can honestly say that come 6pm, I had reached my limits and I have chucked it out!!

While I am totally for kids taking up music lessons and what nots, I eevn applaud them for creating this musical instrument, but seriously kids….ALL thing in moderation please!! However, this may not be so if one plans to check out some orff instruments at guitar center just for the fun of it. ;)

It might be an expensive sticky beak!!